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Financing for entrepreneurs?

Crédit-bail plus,
quite simply!

Entrepreneurs have enough to do on a daily basis to avoid hassles when it comes time to acquire new vehicles.

You need:

The answer is quick and easy: Crédit-Bail Plus
Do you also need to equip your vehicles, but, more importantly, do you want to get the best proposal for their financing the first time?

Leasing, the smart way to finance your commercial vehicles

SMBs and self-employed workers who buy their vehicles most often handicap their future borrowing capacity for more essential needs, since they have contracted a debt in accounting terms.

At the time of the transaction, they must also pay a cash amount, which necessarily affects their cash flow, not to mention that they will also have to pay the amount equivalent to the applicable sales taxes.

Finally, they must amortize the cost of acquiring the vehicles, which must be recorded under fixed assets.

If they opt instead for a traditional lease, they will have to accept restrictive clauses, in particular with regard to the mileage allocated and the residual value at the end of the lease.

All of these inconveniences and complications can be avoided with leasing!

Leasing is a proven solution

In fact, leasing is a method of financing that is as widespread as it is appreciated by business leaders and self-employed workers.

Its principle is simple:
Have you found your vehicle(s) on your own? No problem! Before finalizing the transaction, just contact us!
Financial benefits

Crédit-Bail Plus is also available for higher-end vehicles

There are very many entrepreneurs who own company vehicles registered by their company, considering the financial advantages that this can provide. However, many vehicle manufacturers do not offer commercial financing, not even leasing. Regardless, leasing remains a very advantageous solution for you and our solution is worth considering.

So, contact us before concluding a transaction.

3 simple steps

How should you proceed?


The easiest thing to do is to contact us now to get pre-approved for credit. It's a simple step and the process is very quick.

Depending on your criteria for the choice of vehicle(s), we can, if you wish, recommend one or more trusted dealers.


You then store for your vehicle (and its equipment, if applicable) as you would if you were buying it. Once you've made your choice and agreed on the selling price, all you have to do is tell the dealership to contact us to finalize the sale contract, since we'll be making the purchase on your behalf.


We will then provide you with a valid lease agreement for the term that best suits you. This agreement will include a fixed monthly payment, a purchase option for a set amount, and new monthly payments should you wish to extend your lease beyond the agreed upon term.

If you are satisfied with our proposal, we will immediately finalize the purchase of the vehicle and you will be able to take possession of it quickly at the dealership.

Crédit-Bail Plus

Who are we?

We have been vehicle leasing experts for over 30 years.


We serve all of Quebec and several thousand people and businesses have used our leasing or financing services in recent years.


Moreover, Crédit-Bail Plus is offered at several dealerships in Quebec.


They rightly consider our financing solution to be the most advantageous for many SMBs and self-employed workers.


You are interested in Crédit-Bail Plus, but your dealer forgets to tell you about it or does not know our solution? In such a situation, contact us directly before concluding the transaction.


We will respond very quickly to your request and you will find that we are able to finalize transactions very quickly, even very large ones.


Our company’s head office is in Montreal, at 9500 Henri-Bourassa Boulevard West.


We have a branch to serve the greater Quebec City area at 1240 Charest Boulevard West, near Saint-Sacrement Avenue.

The Crédit-Bail Plus Advantage

Main benefits of Crédit-Bail Plus

*Subject to credit approval
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